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iPhone X Price Philippines (2024)

iphone x price Philippines 2024

As one of the most sought-after smartphones in the market, the iPhone X continues to captivate users with its advanced features and sleek design.

This blog post will delve into the iPhone X, highlighting its specifications, pricing variations, and whether it remains a worthy investment in 2024.

Let’s explore what makes the iPhone X a standout choice and how it compares price-wise in the Philippines.

Specs and Features

iPhone X, released by Apple as part of its 10th anniversary celebration, is nothing short of a technological marvel.

Here are its key specifications and features:

  • Display: 5.8-inch Super Retina HD display with HDR and True Tone
  • Chipset: A11 Bionic chip with 64-bit architecture, Neural Engine, and Embedded M11 motion coprocessor
  • Camera: Dual 12MP rear cameras with dual OIS, 7MP TrueDepth front camera
  • Face ID: Enabled by TrueDepth camera for facial recognition
  • Operating System: Initially launched with iOS 11, upgradable to the latest iOS version

iPhone X set a new standard for smartphone design with its all-screen front, interrupted only by a distinctive notch housing the front camera and facial recognition sensors.

Its support for wireless charging, water and dust resistance (IP67), and the introduction of Face ID for secure authentication further distinguish it from its predecessors.

Variations and Prices in the Philippines

iPhone X comes in two storage variants: 64GB and 256GB. Prices in the Philippines for a brand-new iPhone X have seen fluctuations due to demand, market trends, and stock availability. As of 2024, the estimated prices are:

  • 64GB model: PHP 45,000 to PHP 50,000
  • 256GB model: PHP 55,000 to PHP 60,000

Refurbished models offer a more affordable alternative, with prices generally ranging from PHP 35,000 to PHP 45,000, depending on the condition and storage capacity.

Price Comparison and Worth in 2024

iPhone X offers significant value, especially considering its feature set. While newer models may boast incremental improvements, the iPhone X remains a competitive choice due to its robust performance and comprehensive feature set.

Considering its initial launch price and comparing it to the current market, the iPhone X represents a valuable purchase for those seeking high-end smartphone features at a more accessible price point in 2024.

Its performance remains competitive with newer models, making it an attractive option for users who prioritize design, camera quality, and overall efficiency without needing the latest technology.


iPhone X continues to be a compelling choice for smartphone users in the Philippines, offering a balance of advanced features and value.

Whether you’re considering a brand-new or a refurbished model, the iPhone X’s blend of design, performance, and camera capabilities make it a worthwhile investment, even as we move further into 2024.

As technology advances, the iPhone X stands as a testament to Apple’s innovation and a smart option for consumers looking for quality and reliability in their smartphone purchase.